Geometric Rebellion | Clothing line

I was introduced to Ciro Supino, the owner and designer of Geometric Rebellion, through a friend in New York. She thought I might be into his work and the answer was a definitive YES. The clothing has a soft, dreamy quality, mixed with interesting shapes and cuts. It’s edgy with a vintage feel – a look I’ve tried to create using my own vintage mixed with new clothing with not much luck.

Geometric Rebellion’s philosophy says it all:
“Geometric Rebellion is an individual concept brand. Defined as an escape from common designs, it symbolises a glance at the past with a modern touch. The brand strives for individuality and uniqueness inspired by a “vagabondish” lifestyle.”

Check out Geometric Rebellion’s website here. Hopefully they will be selling stateside soon and we’ll be able to get our grubby fingers on the collections!

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